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Have you recently purchased any Bluetooth earbuds or headphones? If that is the case, you have come to the right place because this article advises various methods for charging Bluetooth headsets, headphones, and earphones.

There are numerous Bluetooth earphones, headphones, and earbuds on the market that come in various price ranges, feature tiers, and technical specifications.

Depending on the earbuds and earphones you own, you can charge Bluetooth earphones in multiple ways. We’ve also addressed some frequently asked questions about troubleshooting Bluetooth earphones.

How to Charge Bluetooth Earbuds

You can charge Bluetooth wireless earbuds and headphones and in three ways. A USB cable and a dedicated charger is the most widely used method. The second approach involves charging the Case; This method is the best and pretty cool. A wireless charger is the third option.

How to Charge Bluetooth Earphones

A dedicated charger to charge your Bluetooth earphones is the best method. It won’t be a problem if the earphones don’t come with a dedicated charger.

You can use a different charging interface as your dedicated charger with the same rated power for charging. A USB cable can also charge your headphones by connecting them to a computer or laptop.

Charge Bluetooth Earphones, Earbuds, Headphones with a USB cable

How to Charge Bluetooth Earbuds, Earphones, Headphones

A USB cable is the most common way to charge Bluetooth headphones/earbuds. Earbuds come with a portable charging USB cable. You can also use your mobile phone charger’s USB cable for charging Bluetooth earbuds if they do not have a charging cable.

Various charging Bluetooth earphones available in the market require different USB ports; some have a micro USB port, while others have the most recent C port. We recommend reading the user manual to understand better which one is in your earphone.

A micro USB cable needs to be plugged into your earbuds and either into a computer or a USB adapter to charge them with a micro USB cable. After that, you must sit and wait for your headphones to charge completely.

You can also charge your earphones with a mobile charger or tablet. It would be best if you had an OTG cable for this option.

Make sure your headphones have a USB port of the right kind. An OTG cable with a USB 3.0 male connector on one side and a USB type C connector on the other is required if it is USB type C. 

However, you will require an OTG cable with USB 3.0 male connectors on each side of your Bluetooth headphones that feature USB 3.0. Connect one end of the OTG cable to the headphones and the other to the phone. Ensure that the headphones begin charging once this connection is complete.

Charging Bluetooth Headset, Earphone, Earbud with a PC or Laptop

Bluetooth Earbuds with a PC or Laptop

You don’t need an OTG cable to charge Bluetooth earphones if you use a PC or laptop.

You can use any standard USB cable with type C on one end and USB 3.0 on the other. Make sure there are male connectors on both ends.

Connect one end to your headphones and the other to your computer or laptop. Ensure they are properly connected, and it will immediately begin charging once they finish.

When your headphones are fully charged, how will you know? There are two methods: The LED light on most earphones will help you learn more about their charging status; However, the earphone battery level is always indicated by a standard red light, while a green light means full charging status.

Charge Bluetooth Earphones With Charging Case

Nowadays, earbuds have a carrying case that can serve as a portable power bank. If you frequently travel, look for an earbud with a charging case. You followed the same procedure we mentioned earlier to charge the case. Charge an earbuds case before you begin your journey.

Charge Bluetooth Earbuds With Charging Case

You can fully charge your earbuds using a USB cable. Connect the charger with the charging case, and it will light up when it is full charge. After that, you need to put your earbuds in the case, and they will start charging. Some charging case follows the method of power bank style.

You can use your earbuds for at least 15 hours or more, depending on the model, thanks to the charging case method that boosts the earbud’s battery life. Therefore, it is fantastic that you can use the power bank to charge the earbuds’ case while traveling if you carry a power bank wheel. If you bought earbuds with a charging case feature but are now unsure how to use them, we recommend reading the product user manual.

Charge Wireless Earbuds

The wireless charging process is the most cutting-edge method for charging Bluetooth earbuds. Every day, more and more people are using wireless charging. Apple AirPods, which feature wireless technology, is the most widely used to charge earbuds. Wireless charging allows users to charge wireless earbuds without a connection or cable.

Charge Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Use the wireless charger with the status indicator facing up and the lid closed on the charging mat. Constant power will supply the charging case without a cable to charge earbuds.

The status indicator will show you a light when the battery is fully charged. Wireless charging is ideal for people who frequently misplace items. There is no longer any need to track cables; You use wireless charging without a cable and leave the charging stand or changing mat in one place. Earbuds, smartphones, and many other electronic devices now use wireless charging.

How much Charging is Needed in Bluetooth Earbuds?

Before your earbuds reach a battery level below 20% of their full charge, you should charge them. When it rises even higher, you can charge.

Given that lithium-ion batteries power your earbuds, two components affect their battery life:


Extreme temperatures hinder the performance of lithium batteries. The battery gradually deteriorates health and performance, especially in extreme temperatures, like heat and cold temperatures, resulting in irreparable damage. The ideal temperature to maintain is between 20 and 60 degrees Celsius.

Charge Cycle:

Charge cycles are how lithium batteries work. A battery uses a charge cycle whenever its charge falls below 20%. Typically, the battery has 300-500 cycles before it needs replacement. You will have to remove your earbuds because you cannot replace them.

How does Charging work in wireless headphones?

The wireless headphone sends radio waves that other connected devices pick up. Therefore, there is no need for a physical cable or connection to transmit signals. Keep your devices close together because radio waves aren’t as strong as those from a satellite or radio tower.

Things to do if the Earbuds are Not Charging

Your earbuds may not be charging for the following reasons: 

Use Original Charger:

Because each battery has a unique capacity, manufacturers include an in-box charger in their products. Using a different charger risks overcharging the device, which can damage the internal circuits. Therefore, if you have been using a different one, stop using it immediately and purchase the original charger to charge your earbuds.

Use a wireless charger:

The Type-C charging port might have some issues. Give it a shot if your earbuds can charge wirelessly. If it charges appropriately, you need to replace the charging port, or you can keep using the wireless charging method.

Clean the charging port:

Ear wax or dust particles settling on the charging pads in the case can prevent earbuds from connecting with the charging pins. You can clean the area well by using a Q-tip and some isopropyl alcohol. Give the charging pins a thorough rubdown with the cleaning stick, even if you don’t have the alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my Earbuds are fully charged?

It depends on the different models of the earphones, but to put it simply, while your earbuds are plugged in and charging, the case will flash a red light. The light will stop flashing and remain solid red when fully charged.

How do I know if my Bluetooth earphones are charging?

When the battery is being charged, the indicator light will turn on. The indicator light will turn off when the headset’s battery has been completely charged.

Can I charge my earbud case only?

Yes, you can charge the case without earbuds, but when you place earbuds in the case, both will start charging simultaneously.

Can I charge earphones with a phone charger?

Yes, You can charge Bluetooth headphones with a mobile charger. The cable will meet your requirements for charging. We recommend that you read the headphones product guide if you have a phone that supports fast charging to learn whether or not you can use a fast charger to charge your headphones.

Can you charge earbuds without a case?

There are TWS headsets that don’t need a case to charge. However, they also have a unique feature: they use a special cable to connect the device to a USB input or charge. The bundled double cord, for instance, is utilized for the I7 TWS model.

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